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ctm-010518-shortmen-1.jpg "We call it the tailor tax," Manning said. "I just spent a fortune at the tailor….And I just thought, this is crazy. You shouldn't have to fix all of this stuff." So the former Broadway producer stepped into a new role on the sartorial stage, providing apparel for men 5-foot-8 and under.  Manning sold clothes online for two years before he opened up a brick-and-mortar shop in New York's trendy Flatiron district, giving the vertically-challenged a proper place to shop -- though marketing messages to men of a certain stature can be touchy. "What do we call those of us who are – small framed?" Wax asked. "That still sounds cute to me. And to me, it's not a cute issue. To me, it's a non-issue but it's certainly not cute," said Mark-Evan Blackman, a professor of menswear at the Fashion Institute of Technology. "Most people, if they're short, have other people in their families that are the same height and it's their norm. I don't think we call ourselves anything," Blackman said. While Blackman may find the "not so tall" slogan ill-suited, he says designs for shorter men do address a need.

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“I think a lot of them are outdated.” Not all student needs are caused by poverty or inconvenient home life. A student who spilled lunch on himself or forgot her gym clothes can find a change in the closet. “Two young men who got jobs and had to have khakis,” said Price. They were able to find the pants at OHS. Streeby posted information about the OHS clothing closet on her Facebook page over winter break. During the holidays, people tend to be generous, and cleaning out closets is often a New Year’s resolution. Streeby wanted people to know where they can give their unwanted clothing. “Since posting that, I’ve got tons of stuff,” Streeby said. A small bag of clothing can be donated at local elementary schools and sent to the high school through interschool mail, Mitchell said.

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